Products made with unsweetened Fusubon original bean paste

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The "An Butter Roll" is a rich-tasting roll made with Fusubon's original bean paste made from unsweetened boiled red beans and butter.

The richness of the butter and the gentle sweetness of the bean paste are combined exquisitely, creating a smooth texture and a pleasant sweetness that spreads throughout your mouth. In particular, the moist texture of the bean paste achieved by adding dextrin is worth trying at least once.

Enjoy the combination of richly flavored butter roll and bean paste!



The "Fresh Cream & Tokachi Bean Jam Sandwich" is a soft and fluffy Fusubon plain bread sandwiched with Tokachi-produced bean jam and rich fresh cream. The luxurious combination of Fusubon's original bean jam, which is cooked with natural sweeteners and dietary fiber, and Chantilly made with fresh cream, creates a delicious dish.


Fusubon butter roll is made with matcha dough and is filled with Fusubon's original unsweetened bean paste and butter. Not only does the butter roll itself contain butter, but it also has more butter sandwiched inside, so combined with the generous amount of bean paste, it's very rich and satisfying! The bean paste is also made moister than traditional bean paste by adding dextrin. Please give it a try! *It will be made with whole bean paste.