SIXPAD STATION代官山・1周年記念レセプション|EMSを使ったトレーニングジム

SIXPAD STATION Daikanyama 1st Anniversary Reception | EMS Training Gym

Fusubon at the SIXPAD 1st Anniversary Reception Fusubon at the SIXPAD 1st Anniversary Reception

Hello, this is Fusubon Takada. On Saturday, June 1st, we catered Fusubon ring-shaped bread at the 1st anniversary event of SIXPAD STATION Daikanyama. We also prepared chocolate and pecan nut bars as gifts for the event.

Fusubon at the SIXPAD 1st Anniversary Reception Fusubon at the SIXPAD 1st Anniversary Reception

Fusubon at the SIXPAD 1st Anniversary Reception Fusubon at the SIXPAD 1st Anniversary Reception

What is SIXPAD STATION Daikanyama?

SIXPAD's Commitment

SIXPAD's first new membership service is a futuristic EMS training gym that opened in June 2018. At "SIXPAD STATION," participants train in an EMS full body suit. By combining EMS technology, which directly stimulates muscle fibers deep inside the body and supports muscle training through electrical stimulation, with movement, this sports gym allows users to train their entire body simultaneously in just 15 minutes .

SIXPAD training content

The training involves wearing special clothing and then putting on an EMS full body suit. The full body suit is adjusted to fit each individual's body to target 18 muscles in 9 different parts of the body. Training is conducted one-on-one with a dedicated instructor.
The EMS level can be adjusted from 1 to about 35 according to the person's fitness level. The instructor will watch your reaction during training and use the control tower to adjust the level up or down.

Visit SIXPAD for a hands-on experience *Experienced in June 2018

SIXPAD Daikanyama - Exterior SIXPAD Daikanyama - Exterior First of all, as this is SIXPAD's first training gym, I was excited even before going to SIXPAD STATION Daikanyama. It may be a bit of a fangirl, but my motivation naturally rose when I saw the exterior and interior, where Cristiano Ronaldo, my favorite and SIXPAD's advertising model, was prominently displayed, and the video playing on the large monitor inside. *As a soccer fan, there is a ton I want to say about Ronaldo, but I will leave it at that as it would make this post super long.

① Reception (Advance reservation via the web is required)

Once inside, you will be greeted by cheerful staff and instructors.

② Fill in the required information

After filling out the questionnaire, your blood pressure and temperature will be measured on the spot.

③Changing clothes

In the changing room, you will change into the training wear provided at the reception. The changing room is spacious and clean.

Putting on the EMS suit at SIXPAD

④ Move to the training room and put on the EMS full body suit

The instructor in charge for today will greet you. The instructor will help you put on the EMS full body suit. The suit feels heavy and solid. You will have a friendly conversation with the instructor about your exercise history and adjust the belt of the suit. ↓

EMS suit fitted at SIXPAD

⑤Start training!

The training space is equipped with a digital training mirror and a control tower that sends instructions to the EMS full body suit worn by the participant, and the instructor uses the control tower to adjust the level.

First, you will be asked to test the EMS full body suit to see what kind of vibrations (tingling sensations) it produces, and it is truly a new sensation.
Even though I had used SIXPAD a few times before, I was surprised at first by the tingling sensation that reached my entire body, but I gradually got used to it. (I think it depends on the individual.)

The training program lasts for about 15 minutes and involves performing various movements from Motion 1 to Motion 5 under the guidance of an instructor.
In this experience program, both the upper and lower body are stimulated simultaneously with EMS.
You will perform movements such as squats and standing bench presses following the instructor's instructions and the demonstration movements shown in the mirror.
Your arms, shoulders, chest, abdominal muscles, buttocks, thighs, etc. are all evenly trained, and the mirror constantly shows you whether your form and posture are correct, so each and every session is worth doing with just the right amount of tension and soul.

The strength of the bodysuits ranges from level 1 to about 35, and the instructor will adjust the training to suit each individual's level.
I once asked the instructor to be "strict!" and, judging my reactions and athletic ability, he increased the intensity level for each part of my body when I made it seem easy.
Even when I was a little lenient, the intensity level was increased steadily, so it goes without saying that the more you push your limits, the greater the effect .
Of course, it's pretty tough though.

I'm worried about the tingling sensation...
Although I had a hard time getting used to it the first time, by the end of Motion 1 it had become second nature.

Training with the EMS full body suit gave me the impression that it felt more like going against gravity than like training with weights.

As for its effectiveness, the great thing about wearing the EMS full body suit is that you can train multiple exercises with just one movement .
Even just doing squats feels like you're working your abs and chest at the same time (just like training your upper body with dumbbells).

In addition, since the training is performed with proper posture and with various parts of the upper and lower body under constant stress, the more you focus on it , the more your core will be trained.

At the end of the training program, there was a game-like program in which you counted how many times you could punch a designated mark within the time limit, and the 15 minutes passed by in the blink of an eye.

Finally, your score for today will be displayed, taking into account Motions 1 to 5.
The score also takes into account whether you perform the exercise with correct posture, and you get a score for each event (body part), so I found it interesting to be able to see the strengths and weaknesses of my own body parts.

⑥Changing clothes and joining information

Finally, you will change clothes and be given an explanation of the plan available if you join.

SIXPAD Experience Summary

・The ultimate performance can be achieved in just 15 minutes, and the entire process from entering to leaving the venue, including changing clothes, takes about 30 minutes.
・You can do high-intensity serious training with a game-like feel
・Everything about this space is cool, so you can train with maximum motivation

I was just excited to see what kind of body I would have if I continued, and what kind of physical improvements I could expect.

I would also like to add that all the staff and instructors are refreshing and great motivators.

SIXPAD training room SIXPAD training room
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