Fusubon Shop 3rd Anniversary♪

Fusubon Shop 3rd Anniversary♪

Good morning, this is Fusubon Shop Bichette!

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Fusubon Shop!

Today, September 6th, Fusubon Shop celebrates its 3rd anniversary!

To show our appreciation to our regular customers and others, we will be offering special services at our Daikanyama main store.

[Fusbon Daikanyama Main Branch]
From September 6th (Wednesday) to September 10th (Sunday), customers who visit the store and post on social media will receive a 15% discount .

We look forward to it!

When we first opened, we started out with just six types of ring-shaped fusbon, so looking back, we have made a really large number of products.

We would like to continue to expand our lineup while listening to your requests, so we look forward to receiving your feedback via email or social media.

We hope you will continue to support Fusubon!

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